Hip Replacement

Patient Journey

What to expect

Before Surgery

Your body needs to be prepared and fully optimised for surgery. Our Rapid Biological Recovery® programme starts the moment that you decide to go ahead with surgery. Professor Lee has combined cell engineering and regeneration principles to create this exclusive pathway to help your body to recover. You will be prepared with methods from nutrients to breathing exercises, muscle conditioning to scar management, we will prepare you to stay active before your surgery.
Our clinics are specialised and focus on musculoskeletal care with Harley Street standards. As our private patient, you will have access to our resources that are not available in other healthcare settings. Our dedicated team will guide you personally throughout the Rapid Biological Recovery® programme. All appointments will be arranged locally at Lincolnshire Hip Clinic clinics.

You will be well informed and prepared for your hip replacement. From sleeping techniques to anaesthetic options, pain management to post op exercise, you will know how to engage your body’s biology to help recovery.

WSH Hospital

What To Expect

During Surgery

A hospital environment and dedicated, experienced staff are vital to the success of your operation. Professor Lee has hand-picked his surgical team and the independent hospital in the Harley Street area to ensure that you have the best possible available options. As we understand, every detail counts when it comes to major surgery.
Your time in the hospital may be brief, due to our preparation and Rapid Biological Recovery, but you will experience the boutique hotel style that our hospital has to offer. The beautifully designed patient bedrooms are equipped with flat-screen televisions and surround-sound speaker systems. The rooms provide a level of luxury and comfort not found in other hospitals, and adds to the experience. You will meet our chef and be able to choose meals from our award winning menu; we understand that good food is an important part of the recovery process.

Weymouth Bathroom

What to expect

Rapid Biological Recovery®

The recovery process is rapid, and you will be surprised by how quickly you will be ‘back on your feet’. All our patients return home within 24 hours. As your body biology is prepared and optimised for healing, you are well on the way in your recovery process. There are no restrictions following your hip replacement so you can enjoy your new hip. Depending on your circumstances, you may even be able to return back to driving within a few days.
Our dedicated team will check on you regularly, our specialist nursing and physiotherapy team at Lincolnshire Hip Clinic will continue to guide you through the Rapid Biological Recovery® process. All post operative care, physiotherapy and follow up will be booked at Lincolnshire Hip Clinic Clinics.

Our Rapid Biological Recovery® programme is designed to enable your body to heal and recover biologically. Lincolnshire Hip Clinic is a high-end independent medical practice specialising in musculoskeletal conditions. Therefore, our doctors have full control and can tailor your care journey, and implement tweaks and changes that are personalised to you.

Patient Journey



Although Professor Lee will explain in great detail about your journey to a new hip it can help to have a visual reminder. Starting with your initial contact with the clinic you will receive the best care possible from his team of experts. Professor Lee is a world-class surgeon with an enviable reputation for first-class surgery, he will guide you through every stage of the process, answering any questions you may have and giving you a full and precise explaination of your journey.

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