Hip Replacement


What is SPAIRE?

In traditional hip replacements the approach is through the posterior tendons. These are now known to be of great importance when we rise from a seated position or when we walk or climb stairs.

The SPAIRE technique spares these tendons from damage, meaning there is less trauma to the joint and much less tendon injury, making for a much faster recovery with far fewer complications.

SPAIRE (Saves Piriformis And (Obturator) Internus with Repair of (Obturator) Externus) hip arthroplasty leaves the major tendons around the hip intact.

The SPAIRE tendon-sparing technique eliminates the need for any aids, any postoperative restrictions and has a reduced dislocation rate. Patients are likely to benefit from improved function. Randomised prospective studies are on-going to prove these advantages.



  • Less Trauma
  • Accelerated Recovery Period
  • Fewer Surgical Complications
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction
  • Decreased Dislocation Rate
  • No Restrictions in Movement
  • Longer Life of Implant

Why Choose Professor Lee?

Professor Paul Lee is an internationally-renowned orthopaedic surgeon with a specialism in hip replacements. He has devised a Rapid Biological Recovery® programme that significantly improves patient recovery. He has treated top-class footballers with his technique and has significantly reduced their recovery time, allowing them to return to playing much quicker than with traditional treatments.

Professor Lee trained under the inventor of the Exeter Hip Replacement, and uses this cutting-edge technique to successfully treat his many patients.

He is supported by a team of experts including nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists and radiographers, to ensure you get top-class service with the best results.

Professor Lee carries out his hip replacement surgeries in the prestigious Weymouth Street Hospital, nr Harley Street in London, in a state-of-the-art operating theatre. There is little or no wait for the procedure, unlike the NHS, and you will have first-class care from the moment you

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