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Relief from hip pain with a world-class surgeon

Professor Paul Lee is an internationally recognised expert in the field of regenerative medicine and hip replacement. Applying regeneration principles in treating hip disease and surgical recovery following total hip replacement, he is renowned for his personal bespoke approach. He is a specialist in hip conditions, with patients travelling from all over the world for treatment. He uses evidence-based methods with advanced technology that reduces tissue damage and helps patients recover much faster than with traditional surgery.

Professor Lee is a double-board certified surgeon with 5 international fellowships. He is a consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in the NHS and visiting professor of sports medicine with the School of Sport and Exercise Science, College of Social Science, University of Lincoln. With the accreditation by the International Cartilage Repair Society as a teaching centre of excellence, he often give lectures internationally and publishes widely on the latest research in hip conditions.

Partnering with 108 Harley Street, London sports and injuries clinic and the Phoenix Hospital Group in Harley Street, London, Professor Lee delivers concierge hip replacements to patients.

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The Spaire Approach

Hip Replacement

SPAIRE Technique

Hip replacements carried out using the cutting-edge SPAIRE technique have far more benefits than a standard posterior approach. You will experience less trauma and tendon injury resulting in no restrictions on movement and a faster recovery period. In fact, you can even bend down and lie on your side after your hip replacement which is unheard of with standard hip replacements.

During his fellowship training in the world-renowned Exeter Hip Unit, Professor Lee has perfected the SPAIRE technique under the mentorship of Professor Timperley. After reviewing the results and publishing the advantages of this technique in medical journals, SPAIRE has become Professor Lee’s routine practice for total hip replacement.

Hip Replacement


No Restrictions

Following S.P.A.I.R.E. Hip Replacement there are no restrictions in movement because the muscles at the back of the hips are preserved with this approach. They act as checkreins to reduce the risk of dislocation after surgery.

Early Mobilisation

The ground-breaking technique used by Professor Lee facilitates early mobilisation with reduced soft tissue damage and lessens the risk of dislocation. Our private hip replacement clinic in Lincolnshire offers cutting-edge techniques and fast recovery, with no waiting list.

Research Guided

Research has shown that the quadriceps coxae is not just an external rotator and is the primary abductor and extensor for the hip joint in a 90° flexed position, which means it has a major effect on one-legged and weight-bearing rising and propulsive motions. These muscles are essential every time a patient tries to get up from a chair (Lee et al 2012).

Hip Replacement

Best In Its Class Implant

With every patient, we look at the different factors that can influence the results of a hip replacement. After a thorough physical assessment of your hip joint at one of our specialist clinics, Professor Lee will determine which implant is best for you, allowing you to return to a normal, active life as quickly as possible.

The implant you receive is constructed from advanced polyethylene which provides ultra-low wear and a proven mechanical strength and performance. This provides active stabilisation to minimise oxidisation. Using this technically advanced implant gives a much more reliable outcome and will prolong the life of your hew hip joint.

We expect our patients to retain 95% mobility after 10 years, as recommended in the NICE guidance*.

*NICE Guidance TA304:26 Feb 2014: Total hip replacement and resurfacing arthroplasty for endstage arthritis of the hip.

Why us - Paul Lee


Bespoke Team

No two patients are alike, and they will have differing problems that require unique treatments. Our bespoke asessment will ensure you get the best treatment based on your individual circumstances. After a physical assessment of your hip joint, Professor Lee will determine what procedure is necessary to get you back to a normal, active life.

His team includes specialist nurses, physiotherapists, sports scientists and nutritional advisors who will work closely with you to achieve the best results quickly.

Hip Replacement

What to expect

Before your operation

It is advised that you stay as active as possible before your surgery to aid recovery.

Your pre-op check-up will take place around 2 weeks prior to surgery at our private hip replacement clinic in Lincolnshire where you will be given advice on how best to prepare.

On the day you will be collected from home and driven to the luxury Weymouth Street private hospital where you will be prepared for theatre.

Post-op Care

Immediately after your surgery you will be taken to the recovery room for monitoring, then you will be settled into your room where you will be given painkillers if needed. You will be encouraged to start walking, and will be given a chef-prepared healthy and delicious meal.

You will receive advice from our physiotherapist about exercises to strengthen your muscles and how to get in and out of bed, climb stairs and move about safely.

You will be chauffeured home the day after surgery to continue your recovery. It’s important that you get plenty of rest and don’t do anything strenuous. Gradually increase the amount you do, but listen to your body and don’t do anything to risk injury.

Rapid Recovery

Our revolutionary surgical technique and high-quality implants mean that you will have an accelerated recovery period without the need for post-operative precautions. All of our private hip replacement patients go home within 24 hours.

You will see the physiotherapist during your hospital stay and they will helpy to get you moving again, and advise on muscle-strengthening exercises. You’ll be given guidance on dos and don’ts’ following hip surgery. You’ll be advised on how best to aid your recovery in the weeks following your surgery, and how to maintain your independence when you return home.

What we offer

We are commited to excellence


Luxury Travel

We offer luxury travel to and from our facility via limousine from Lincolnshire Chauffeur Services, they will collect you from your home and return you after your surgery. We take the stress out of travel so you don’t have to worry about taxis or parking.

Consultation Clinics

Consultation Clinics

From his private hip replacement clinic in Lincolnshire with various locations including Grantham, Sleaford, Spalding and Lincoln, as well as at private clinics in Harley Street, London.


Prestigious Hospital

Weymouth Street Hospital is a boutique hotel quality hospital that boasts 17 beautifully designed en-suite patient rooms and 4 state of the art operating theatres. All meals are freshly prepared and are nutritionally balanced. There is wheelchair access and accessible toilets, as well as an on-call nurse.

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