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Professor Paul Lee is a leading specialist in hip replacement treatment; he practices evidence-based methods with advanced technology to reduce tissue damage and help his patients to kickstart their recovery.

His reputation for first-class treatment means he has rapidly become one of the leading hip doctors in London and is the ‘go to surgeon’ for hip replacement surgery. He is known for his clear communication, accurate diagnosis, and careful, meticulous planning. He sources internationally for the best quality implants for his patients that are designed to reduce soft tissue irritation and give an improved range of motion and joint stability. Post-surgical recovery is often rapid, and no restrictions are needed following surgery. Professor Lee has designed the Rapid Biological Recovery® programme, utilising the revolutionary SPAIRE technique, which has revolutionised his patient’s surgical journey.
From the initial consultation through to the recovery period, Professor Lee has created a personalised high-quality care pathway with personal attention. With his Harley Street heritage, he has access to high-end resources and the latest cutting-edge technology to his patients’ advantage. Working with his exclusive, dedicated team of experts within Lincolnshire Hip Clinic, they will look after you before, during and after your surgery.

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Having a new hip from Professor Lee was the best thing that happened to me in 2021! It restored life to normality. Patient care from the first consultation to post-operative recovery has been second to none and clinic staff have regularly enquired about my progress. I know that in time I will need the second new hip and I have total confidence and trust in Professor Lee and his team.

Susan Bradley

Professor Lee’s passion for surgical excellence and continued improvement were obvious, as was his attention to my needs as a patient. Ten days after the consultation, following a wonderfully arranged overnight stay in London, I could start to live again. His skill was evident in the complete removal of my previous pain, a short and neat scar with absolutely no bruising, all of which I found remarkable. All the team at MSK are superb and you would be in very safe hands.

Steve Korcz


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We carry out our surgeries in the private WSH, Harley Street in central London. It is widely recognised as one of the UK’s most luxurious independent hospitals, and it provides first class healthcare.

All consultations and pre- and post-op care is carried out in our private clinics in Lincolnshire; MSK House in Sleaford, The Keep Clinic in Grantham, and our state of the art clinics in Spalding and Lincoln.

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