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SPAIRE Hip at Lincoln

In the realm of orthopaedic surgery, advancements are continually reshaping treatment approaches to enhance patient outcomes and quality of life. One such revolutionary technique that has gained attention, especially in Lincolnshire, is the SPAIRE technique for hip replacement surgery. SPAIRE, which stands for “(Saves Piriformis And (Obturator) Internus with Repair of (Obturator) Externus)” has garnered significant interest due to its potential to improve surgical precision, reduce recovery times, and enhance patient satisfaction. And if you are looking for a certified Orthopaedic Surgeon for hip replacement in Lincolnshire, look no further than Professor Paul Lee. Let’s delve deeper into the SPAIRE technique in the following lines.

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Minimized Tissue Disruption

The SPAIRE technique is characterized by its unique approach that allows surgeons to access the hip joint with a single incision in the anterior-inferior region. Unlike traditional methods that involve cutting through muscles and tendons, SPAIRE minimizes tissue disruption. This results in reduced muscle damage and trauma during surgery, leading to quicker healing and less postoperative pain. To stay connected, follow us on Twitter!

Faster Recovery

By avoiding major muscle trauma, patients undergoing hip replacement surgery with the SPAIRE technique often experience faster recovery times. Reduced muscle damage means patients can regain their range of motion more swiftly, facilitating earlier mobility and decreasing the need for prolonged hospital stays or extensive rehabilitation.

Enhanced Surgical Precision

The SPAIRE technique provides surgeons with a clearer and more direct view of the hip joint. This improved visibility enables precise placement of the prosthetic components, potentially leading to better alignment and stability of the new joint. Accurate implant positioning can contribute to a more natural-feeling hip and potentially extend the lifespan of the implant. For more details, follow us on Facebook!

Decreased Risk of Dislocation

Hip dislocation is a concern after replacement surgery. The SPAIRE technique, by minimizing soft tissue disruption and enhancing the stability of the joint, can reduce the risk of postoperative dislocation. It’s particularly advantageous for patients at a higher risk for dislocation due to various factors, including their anatomy or previous surgeries.

Scar Minimization

The SPAIRE technique’s single incision approach results in a smaller and less conspicuous scar compared to traditional hip replacement methods. This aesthetic advantage can lead to improved body image and psychological well-being for patients, contributing to a more positive overall surgical experience.


The SPAIRE technique represents a remarkable advancement in the field of hip replacement surgery. And in this regard, Professor Paul Lee follows evidence-based methods with advanced technology to help you recover faster than traditional approaches. Our clinic pays attention to musculoskeletal care with Harley Street standards. So, rely on us! And read other blogs for more updates.

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