SPAIRE Hip at Lincoln: Unveiling The Tendon-sparing Technique in Detail

SPAIRE Hip at Lincoln

In orthopaedics, the SPAIRE (Saves Piriformis And (Obturator) Internus with Repair of (Obturator) Externus) technique for hip surgery emerges as a revolutionary approach, turning heads with its promise of preserving tendons while ensuring a seamless recovery. Let us delve into the intricacies of the SPAIRE hip technique at Lincoln, exploring the marvels of this tendon-sparing method that redefines the landscape of hip reconstruction.

SPAIRE hip technique at Lincoln

Unlocking the Secrets of SPAIRE Hip at Lincoln: Where Precision Meets Prowess

Selective Preservation: At the heart of SPAIRE hip Lincoln is the art of selective preservation. Unlike traditional hip surgeries that often involve extensive tendon disruption, SPAIRE selectively spares crucial anchors, reducing trauma and expediting recovery. This precision not only preserves the integrity of the hip but also accelerates the rehabilitation process.

Anchor for IlioFemoral Reconstruction: The term SPAIRE encompasses the preservation of the anchor for IlioFemoral reconstruction, emphasizing the strategic retention of vital structures during the surgical process. This targeted preservation allows for the reconstruction of the hip joint while reducing the impact on surrounding tendons, facilitating a smoother postoperative experience.

Precision in Motion: SPAIRE Hip at Lincoln is a testament to precision in motion. Surgeons, armed with advanced imaging techniques, navigate with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring that only the necessary components get addressed. This precision minimizes collateral damage, promoting faster healing and reducing the risk of complications associated with traditional hip surgeries. Want to know more? Follow us on Facebook!

Minimizing Recovery Roadblocks: The tendon-sparing nature of the SPAIRE hip method significantly reduces the recovery roadblocks that often accompany traditional hip surgeries. Patients experience less postoperative pain, quicker mobility restoration, and a shorter overall recovery timeline. This breakthrough technique offers hope for those seeking an efficient and less invasive approach to hip reconstruction.

The SPAIRE technique boasts several benefits, promising patients a revolutionary approach to hip surgery. With less trauma, individuals can expect an accelerated recovery period and a reduced likelihood of surgical complications. Improved patient satisfaction enjoys a decreased dislocation rate, and the added perk of no movement restrictions ensures a seamless return to normal activities. Furthermore, the SPAIRE technique contributes to the longer lifespan of the implant, offering a comprehensive and patient-centric solution. You can read our other blogs to learn about our services in detail.

Drawing A Conclusion!

Our SPAIRE method spares these tendons from damage, meaning there is less trauma to the joint and much less tendon injury, making for a much faster recovery with far fewer complications.

SPAIRE (Saves Piriformis And (Obturator) Internus with Repair of (Obturator) Externus) hip arthroplasty leaves the prominent tendons near the hip intact.

The SPAIRE tendon-sparing technique at Lincoln eliminates the need for any aids and postoperative restrictions and has a reduced dislocation rate. Patients can enjoy benefits from improved function.

Hence, book an appointment and enjoy the high-quality service! Choose Professor Lee as an internationally renowned orthopaedic surgeon. I specialise in hip replacements. I have devised a Rapid Biological Recovery® programme that significantly improves patient recovery. If you look at my portfolio, you will find I have treated top-class footballers with this technique and have significantly reduced their recovery time. I allowed them to return to playing much quicker than with traditional treatments.

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